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YAH: Home Page

YAH (Young At Heart) Creative Christian Stuff is an online space for young-at-heart Christians to post and share their creativity.

The copyright symbol might appear on some poems etc, but they are free to be copied! The only really 'copyrighted' material is any materials such as booklets and CDs, which must be obtained from the relevant author or printer!

YAH Values:
Simplicity | Creativity | Honesty | Good, Clean Fun

Printing & Publishing Service

YAH CCS also stands for the business 'YAH Creative Computer Services', which is what this Website was originally. Whether you would like to produce posters and flyers for a business or an event, design customised business cards, make your own greetings cards or produce small books, the YAH Printing service can help.

You can also publish your creative writing with YAH on a small scale as a start towards getting your talent appreciated before looking for larger-scale publishers.

You too can create your own Website

If you like the design of this Website, you may like to visit freewebspace.com and create your own!

Need somewhere to build your site? Here are some Website hosting services that you may find useful.

Computer Support Service

This service provides help to local people who struggle to use their computers - either offering basic lessons or helping with computer problems. Email support is also possible for anyone outside the local area.