Places in the Bible
Plants in the Bible
Forms of transport in Bible times
Count your blessings - both natural and spiritual!
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Crossword 1

Psalm Puzzles
Psalm Puzzle 1
Psalm 23 - simple maze

Sudoku Examples
Number sudokus got a bit boring after doing hundreds of them, so I replaced the numbers with letters or symbols!
These can be solved on screen by saving picture and opening under 'paint', copying and pasting letters or symbols into the squares you want to put them in - or printed out and solved on paper.
[There are many other 9-letter words with all letters different that you could use!]
Greek Letters
Musical Symbols
Japanese Numbers
Make your own 'Zoo-doku'
Make your own 'Frut-oku'

Christmas Puzzles
Christmas Maze
Christmas Anagrams

Various Shaped Mazes
Maze 1 (Rectangular)
Maze 2
Maze 3 (Hexagonal - sort of!) (Maze 3 Solution)
Maze 4 (Rectangular) (Maze 4 Solution)
Maze 5 (Rectangular) (Maze 5 Solution)
Maze 6 (Diagonal sections) (Maze 6 Solution)
Maze 7 (Rectangular) (Maze 7 Solution)
Maze 8 (Diagonal)
Maze 9 (Circular: Help a confused boy to escape!)
Maze 10 (Circular: Help a depressed man escape to freedom!)
Maze 11 (Rectangular)

Other Puzzles

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