Psalm Puzzle 1

In Psalm puzzles, the a passage from a Psalm is written out below with missing words which are found in the crossword grid, including the Psalm number, spelt out. The NIV version is used (1984 edition).

It's a really simple exercise if you have the NIV Bible with you or look it up online (e.g The challenge is to work out what the missing words and the Psalm number are without looking it up! Whichever way you prefer to solve these, the idea is getting to know a Psalm, or part of one, and appreciating some of the treasure found in the Word of God!

Psalm ____-____ (2d; 4a), verses 1 and 5-7
____(10d) ____(18d) is within my heart
____(16a) the ____(12d) of the ____(23a).
There is no ____(9a) of ____(8a) ____(5d) ____(14a) ____(11a).

Your ____(20d), O LORD ____(17d) to the ____(25a),
Your faithfulness to the skies.
Your ____(1a) is like ____(6a) mighty mountains,
Your justice like the (21a) deep.
O LORD, you preserve both man and ____(5a).
____(14d) priceless ____(24a) your ____(19a) love -
Both ____(22d) and ____(13a) ____(7d) men
find ____(1d) in the ____(15d) ____(3d) your wings.

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