Crossword Puzzle 1

Bible and Miscellaneous Topics

1. What God requires us to do (John chapter 6)
4. Gain; receive
8. The best we can do by ourselves
9. Container made from a membrane
11. Practical training sessions
13. "____ all these things have happened" (Luke 21:32)
14. Look down on; view with contempt
15. Description of one who believes too easily
17. Just ask for it, without doubting (James chapter 1)
18. The Lord has done it and will do it again!
19. Make a fresh _____, it transforms life!
20. Ice does this when the sun comes out
22. Constellation mentioned in Job 9 and Amos 5
23. Gift that costs so much that it hurts
24. In Christ, all God's promises are ___ (2 Cor 1)
26. Tiny member of the body that can get hurt easily
27. His flock's favourite activity
28. God has a p____ for everything and everyone!
2. "Just ___ all your burdens down!"
3. Old Testament praise (e.g. Psalm 111)
5. Provides tools without beginning clever little sayings
6. Belonging to a particular object
7. Initial process of salvation- by faith
8. Responsible, can be relied upon, like 5 of Paul's sayings to Timothy and Titus
10. Useful reference for Bible study
11. One serious about praying _____ to a quiet place
12. All of it is 'God-breathed' (2 Timothy chapter 3)
15. What we all have, which mean something
16. Lift up in worship
21. Abram's wife
22. Happen once or any number of times
25. Bronze reservoir at the temple (1 Chronicles chapter 18)
26. Most frequent number in Noah's records!

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